Contesting Reviews and Re-scoring Tasks

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Contesting Reviews and Re-scoring Tasks


Unscored vs. Rescored vs. Removed


Unscored content is content that Binary Fountain pulls into the dashboard but does not score because it does not contain any patient experience feedback. In the dashboard, users will see the PFS score listed as N/A.

Reviews can be rescored if Binary Fountain’s Natural Language Processing originally scores them incorrectly. The PFS could change from positive to negative feedback or vice versa.


Reviews can only be removed from the Binary Fountain dashboard if it is removed from the online review site. In order for an online review to be removed from sites like Google, Facebook or Yelp, it must violate the site’s review policy. If the review violates the removal clauses, submit a Zendesk ticket requesting the review be contested and site which policy the review violates as well as the task ID. Click on the icons below to view the guidelines for each site.



To flag a review within Binary Fountain that has been deleted by the user, click the “Report Feedback Issue” button within your Feedback Detail view.


FAQ: Can a review be rescored or unscored?


Q: We don’t have any record of this patient, and the provider does not recall this interaction. Can this review be removed?

A: A review cannot be removed or unscored if the user posted the review under the incorrect location or the location has no record of the patient. We cannot share patient data in efforts to remove a review. Even if the patient talks about past experience or patient experience, this cannot be removed.


Q: Can we please remove this review about Dr. John from Binary Fountain? This was posted before he was practicing at our location.

A: Binary Fountain will monitor any provider information that a patient can see regardless of the provider’s start date. We cannot remove or unscore this content.


Q: There is vulgar language in this review. Can we ask the review site to take it down?

A: Explicit language or curse words within a review do not warrant removal. The only time this can be contested is if the language is classified as hate speech.


Q: Someone is posting multiple times on our Google page. Can we please remove these reviews from Binary Fountain?

A: Binary Fountain’s best practice is not to remove or unscore multiple comments as this data is available for all patients to view online. Binary Fountain aims to reflect the feedback that is available online.


Q: A patient commented on one of our Facebook posts/ads, but the comment doesn’t mention patient experience. Can this be removed from Binary Fountain?

A:  If the comment does not pertain to the patient experience, it can be unscored.

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