Claiming a Listing on Foursquare

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What is Foursquare?

 More than 30 million people use Foursquare to discover and learn about great places nearby and get deals and tips along the way. Users can check in to venues, bookmark places they want to visit later, leave tips, upload photos and redeem merchant specials.

 Foursquare began as a location-based social network, where users could “check in” (via mobile device) and share their location with friends to collect points and virtual badges. Foursquare has since transitioned to a more “explore-based” focus. It uses check-in history to provide suggestions and information about great places. Users can search for places using categories like Food, Outdoors or Doctor. They can also search for things like “free wifi” or “flu shots.”

 Foursquare is primarily used through its mobile application, but it now offers a desktop experience for those who don’t have an account. Even non-members can utilize Foursquare as a resource for finding great places nearby based on user input and reviews.

Why claim your practice on Foursquare?

  • You can ensure all information listed about your practice is correct and protect it from being edited by other users
  • You can read reviews (or tips) users have posted about your practice
  • You can view venue statistics

Your Practice’s Foursquare Venue

Claiming your Foursquare venue is a three-part process. You will first create a user account, then find or create your venue listing, and finally claim your listing to gain access to the merchant tools. 

Create a user account

Step 1:  Go to If you do not already have an account, click Sign up for Foursquare. 

 Fill in the required fields and click Sign Up.

  • First / Last Name: Use the practice name for First and leave Last blank (it’s not required)
  • Email: Use your practice’s Gmail address
  • Password: Use the same password you use for all other profiles for your practice
  • Gender: “I’d rather not say”
  • Birthday: Use January 1, 1991
  • Photo: Upload practice’s logo 

Foursquare will send a verification email to the email address you used to create the account. Open the email and click Verify.

Find or create your venue

Step 2:  Go to to search for your practice by practice name and location. 

Step 3: If your listing appears in search results, claim it by clicking Select. If your listing does not appear, go to Step 3a

Step 3a: If your listing does not appear in search results, click here at the bottom of the results to add it. 

 Create your listing by adding the following information, dropping a pin on the map where your practice is located and clicking Save:

-     Practice name

-     Address

-     Phone Number

-     Category: Medical & Doctor

-     Social media (if you have any)

Claim your venue

Step 4:  Once you have found or created your listing, you will need to verify it.

Mark the box next to the statement “I’m the owner (or working on behalf of the owner) and I agree to the Venue Platform Terms of Use.” Then, click Get Started

Verify your account by entering in your cell phone number and then clicking Call Me Now. Foursquare’s automated system will dial this number instantly, so make sure it’s a number you can answer right away.

When Foursquare calls, you will be asked to state your name, the name of your practice and your title. A code will appear on the screen and you will be asked to enter it on the phone.

Once complete, you will choose Expedited Verification to claim your listing.

  1. Expedited Verification: Choose this option to gain instant access to your venue. It requires a one-time fee (between $1—$20) charged to a credit card. After you finish this step, you will have immediate access to all too You will be able to get a receipt following this process.
  1. Snail Mail: This option is free but can take up to a month. Foursquare will mail a postcard to you with a verification code and instructions on how to complete the claiming proce

Please choose instant verification, as postcards can take up to four weeks to receive. Division and Group leadership are aware of the verification charge, so you may obtain a receipt.

Step 5:  Once you have claimed your venue, you can edit and update the venue information. In order to do this, you will need to be in Manager Mode. Click on your account button in the upper right corner and choose your claimed venue. 

Add the details about your practice location (maximum description length is 160 characters), full address, phone number, hours, website, Twitter and Facebook if your practice has them, and a logo after clicking Manage your listing. 

While in Tools, go to Advanced Tools at the bottom of the page and click the drop-down arrow button. This is where you can edit your category and suspend duplicate listings of your practice that others may have created.

Profile Checklist: Foursquare

The following is a check list to guide you when completing your Foursquare venue profile. You must include all of the information listed below on your profile. This is the same list your Account Manager will refer to when checking your profile for completion.


Basic Info



Name— practice’s name


More details about this location— one or two sentences about the practice in third

person (160 character limit)

Example:  “Family care close to home! Grayson Primary Care specializes in disease management and prevention. Urgent care and walk-in hours coming soon.”


Add image— practice’s logo


Social Connections


Website— link to practice’s website URL






Street Address














Hours— include special hours, such as closing for lunch



Advanced Tools


Category—choose Doctor’s Office


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