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What is Vitals?

Vitals compiles information on physicians from a wide variety of sources. The result is a free Physician Profile, which is made available to consumers at no cost. Vitals is a powerful resource, containing over 5 million patient ratings and reviews and over 1 million active, licensed doctor profiles. The more complete and accurate your information is on Vitals, the more likely it is that people will select your practice.

Why use Vitals?

  • To edit aspects of a physician profile to ensure it is accurate and complete
  • To gain insight into what patients are saying about your practice
  • To review patient comments and share feedback with physicians


Claiming a Vitals Profile

Step 1: Go to and select Sign Up in the top right corner.

Under For Doctors, click Claim Your Professional Profile

In the Sign Up box, fill in the appropriate fields with you’re your practice Gmail and password, check the box signifying you agree to the terms of use and click Sign Up.

Step 2:  You will then receive an email prompting you to verify your account.

Step 3: Search for your physician’s profile by his/her name and location. 

If the profile your searched for doesn’t come up, you will need to contact  Vitals Support.

Once you find the profile you want to claim, fill in the following information to verify it and click Claim Profile.

  • Physician’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • License Number and State

Step 5:  Follow the steps to claim and update your physician’s profile. Make sure you fill in each field under every tab as completely and accurately as possible. 

Within each tab category, include the following information. Make sure you click Save Changes each time you add new information.


Tab Category

Information to Include



Basic Information

Physician Name (First, Middle, Last), Gender, Professional

Statement (a brief paragraph from the physician describing his/her care philosophy, professional interests, specialties, etc.)


Upload a professional photo



Specialty (check if ABMS Certified), Sub-specialty, Display

name (specialty that appears by profile name)



School, Degree, Graduation Year (please include medical

school, internship, residency, fellowship and/or any additional training)



Practice Name, Address, Contact info (practice name

defaults to physician’s name, make sure you change it)


Adding another Profile to Your Account

To claim another profile under the same account, go to Edit Profile and click Claim Another Profile. Repeat the claiming process. If you have claimed multiple profiles, you should be able to see all of them on the Edit Profile page.


Hiding a Negative Review

Vitals allows you to hide up to two reviews on a claimed profile. To hide a review, simply click Hide next to the review. It will turn gray to show that it is hidden. If your physician receives more negative reviews you wish to hide, you can always unhide a review by clicking Show and hide another review in its place.


Editing Profile Information

To edit information on your profile, click Edit Profile in the top menu bar. If you have claimed multiple profiles under the same account, you will have access to all of them on this page. Click Edit Profile to add and update profile information or View Profile to see how it will appear to patients. 

To access your Account Settings, click on your email address next to Signed in as in the top menu bar. Here you can edit the email associated with your account, change your password, access the edit profile page and claim another profile.

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