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What is Healthgrades?

Healthgrades is the number one destination for health care consumers to research and select a physician or provider. Healthgrades provides ratings and profiles of hospitals, nursing homes, nurse practitioners and physicians to consumers, corporations, health plans and hospitals. Patients search more than 18 million profiles monthly.

Why use Healthgrades for your practice?

  • You can get your practice noticed. Their consumer website, physician referral and acquisition programs allow physicians and nurse practitioners to educate patients about their specialties.
  • You can attract your targeted type of patient. By updating your Healthgrades profile with important information about your areas of expertise, conditions you treat and procedures you perform, you will attract more patients who are right for you and your practice.
  • You can monitor your ratings about your physicians and practice.

Healthgrades’ Health Management Suite features a complete set of decision- support tools, including provider ratings, health optimization modules and health care finance tools.


Add your physicians to Healthgrades

Follow the instructions below to create your physician’s profile on Healthgrades. Some HCA divisions have established contracts with Healthgrades, so check with appropriate leadership before creating a Healthgrades physician profile.

Step 1:  Go to and click Doctors: Update your free profile at the top of the page. 

Step 2:  Click register at the bottom of the login screen and enter your Provider’s Name, City/State/Zip and select I am authorized to manage the provider’s profile. Enter your practice’s Gmail and create a password with at least 8 characters that contains letters, numbers and a special character. Agree to the Healthgrades User Agreement and select Register Now.

Step 3:  An email will be sent to your Gmail account. 

Select “Yes, click here to authorize                .” You will then be asked for the physician’s DEA number to validate the account.

Step 4:  You now have access to the provider’s profile. Click the provider’s name on your roster and begin updating information. 

It is very important to complete each field to add as much detailed information as possible to your physician’s profile. Patients can search specific fields, such as the specialty, condition or procedure performed, when they are looking for a physician. Listing more information means your physician is more likely to appear in search results.

 Please note you must click Approve for each section in order for your updates to be published.


Adding multiple providers to your account

Log in to your current profile and then look for the Add Providers button on the left side of the screen. 

You will be asked to chat with a Healthgrades representative to add the physician to your profile. Have the physician’s Medical License Number or NPI number available to validate the account. The representative should give you access to the account within minutes.

Should the chat option be unavailable, email to add the physician’s profile to Healthgrades. Include the physician’s NPI number for verification purposes.

HCA marks a Healthgrades profile as complete, when the following fields of information are filled in and accurate:

Personal Information


Provider’s First, Middle, Last Name




Date of Birth


Languages spoken



Provider type-MD/DO, Physician Assistant, etc


Degree-MD, DO, etc.


Add a specialty-choose from the drop-down list and add all that apply

Procedures and Conditions


Procedures-choose from the list and add all that apply


Conditions-choose from the list and add all that apply



Photo-add a professional photo of the physician

Accepted Health Plans


Accepted health plans-choose from the list and add all that apply

Practice Style and Interests


Care philosophy-provider’s viewpoint, values and approach to caring for and

treating patients

Example: “As a pediatrician and mother, I dedicate my time and career to my patients and their families to help them reach and maintain not only physical, but also mental health.”


Professional interests:  provider’s interests related to the medical field

Example: “Preventative medicine, asthma, geriatrics and sports medicine”

Provider Locations


Add a practice location-see Practice Profile and Office Location below for

information to include



Practice Profile


Group practice name




Website-link to practice’s website URL

Office Location


Office name-name of office associated with group practice


Office NPI number




Phone number



Accepting new patients


Average number of patients seen per day


Average waiting room time-record in minutes


Average lead time for new patient appointments-average number of days new

patients wait for an appointment


Provider uses Electronic Medical Records

Hospital Affiliations


Hospital and Facility Affiliations

Education and Training


Add institutions-include undergraduate, medical schools, internships, residencies,

fellowships, etc.


Add medical license


Add identification-include Medicare NPI, Medicare number, Medicare UPIN, DEA

number, etc.

Awards and Distinctions


Awards and Recognitions


Professional affiliations-example: American Chiropractic Association, Alliance of

Cardiovascular Professionals, American Podiatric Medical Association, etc.


Positions and appointments—example:  Chief of Surgery at Northeast Methodist

Hospital, Associate Professor of Cardiology at Vanderbilt, etc.


You should work closely with your physician when editing his/her profile to ensure no pertinent information is missed.

After you have successfully updated all fields, you may log out of the profile. You can return at any time to update or enhance your physician profile. Please note it may take up to seven days for changes to appear on your profile.


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