Binary Fountain Frequently Asked Questions

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I thought I only had to respond to negative reviews. Why am I receiving positive reviews?

You are only required to ‘Close the loop’ for negative reviews. However, it is strongly encouraged that you respond to positive reviews. You may opt out of receiving positive reviews at any time.

What happens if I receive a new alert over the weekend?

The escalation matrix only applies to business days.

I am receiving alerts for the wrong location/physician.

Contact your account manager.

I’m going on vacation. How do I reassign my task?

From the ‘closing the loop’ page, select Vacation Management. You will then be asked to choose the dates you will be OOO and the temporary assignee.

I am a new practice manager/switching locations...

Contact your account manager. They will have you set up in the system or make the required changes. If needed, they will provide training.

How Do I access the Closing the loop page?

From a review alert: Click ‘associated task’. This will take you directly to the CTL page.

From Click the drop-down arrow beside your name (top right corner) and select ‘closing the loop’. If you do not see this option, contact your account manager.

Why hasn’t my response been posted?

Responses left on Binary Fountain are typically posted within 24 hours. If your response has not been posted after 24 hours, contact your account manager.

Are there draft responses I can use?

You now have the option to select a draft response from within the ‘closing the loop’ section. Select ‘respond Online’ then click the ‘response draft’ drop-down menu. IF you need help crafting an original response, contact your Account Manager.

I can’t select a source account!

Contact your account manager. Let them know which location or physician the review is referencing. Also include the missing account type (vitals, yelp, etc.).

Will this be escalated?

Tasks that read “immediate action required” should be addressed immediately. These tasks will be escalated the next day. All other tasks should be responded to within three days.

Is there a Binary Fountain App?

Unfortunately, Binary fountain does not currently have an app.

Will the M3 results be posted here?

No, M3 and Binary Fountain are not related. M3 is a different program.

When will I receive monthly reports? Will leadership receive these reports?

Practice Managers and Hospital Marketing Directors will receive monthly reports on the 7th of each month. Leadership will receive the same report on the 8th of each month.

I just need help!

Reach out to your account manager. They will be more than happy to assist you in any way. There’s no such thing as a silly question. They have heard it all.

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