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Sample Review Responses

Please refer to the customizable samples below when writing a response to a positive or negative review. More information on reputation management best practices and knowing when it is appropriate to respond to reviews can be found in the Reputation Management toolkit. If you need any assistance writing a response or are questioning whether or not you should respond, please contact your Reputation Management Account Manager.

Responses for Positive Reviews

  1. Thank you for the positive feedback! We appreciate the kind
  2. We strive to provide the highest quality in patient care. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!
  3. Thank you for connecting with us about this experience with our staff. We will be sure to pass this appreciation
  4. Thank you for giving us a great score! Our dedicated staff takes great pride in serving the <city name> community.
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these Our staff will pass along the kind words!
  6. Our practice aims to deliver the highest quality patient care. We love to hear about these positive Thanks for sharing this feedback with us!


Responses for Combination (Positive and Negative) Reviews

  1. Thank you for the compliment of our physician. We will work with our nursing staff to improve our process for sending medications to the pharmacy.
  2. Thank you for sharing this positive feedback regarding our staff. We will take this parking experience into account and work to improve the signs and directions to our practice.
  3. Thank you for this feedback and the positive comments about <physician, nurse, or staff member mentioned>. We want to apologize for any prolonged wait times, as we strive to provide patients with the timeliest care possible. We will re-examine our procedures as part of our commitment to high quality care.
  4. We are grateful for the kind words regarding our physician. We will investigate the concern regarding <specific issue> and take the appropriate measures to fix this issue.
  5. Thank you for the positive feedback! We want to apologize for any issues experienced regarding our wait times. We will strive to be more efficient in the future.


Responses for Negative Reviews

  1. We are sorry to hear this and truly value your Patient experience is important to us at <practice name>, so we will make every effort to address any concerns you may have. Your comments have been shared with <contact at practice – position/first name >. If you would like to speak with someone about this experience, please call <position, phone number>.
  2. We are sorry to hear about the long wait time at our practice. We will look into this and make every effort to improve our wait times in the future.
  3. We are so sorry to hear about this. Please call our <position><name> at 555-555- 5555 so that we can address these concerns and work to make improvements at the
  4. We are very sorry to hear about this experience in our practice and would like to look into it Please call <contact at practice- position/first name> so that we can get further information to address the situation.
  5. We are sorry to see reviews like We strive to provide all of our patients with excellent service and will work to improve our customer service at the front desk.
  6. We are always sad to hear someone had trouble reaching our We want all of our patients to be able to communicate with our office easily, so we will re-examine our phone procedures.
  7. We sincerely apologize for any scheduling and billing issues experienced at our practice and value this We are dedicated to providing timely, patient- centered, quality care and regret that this was not the experience described. As we work to improve our processes, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office at <office phone number/PM direct line> to express your concerns.
  8. Thank you for your We are so sorry to hear about this. Please call our practice manager <first name> at <phone number> so that we may resolve this and work to prevent it from happening in the future.
  9. Thank you for making us aware of this experience. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that was caused. Please reach out to <contact> at <phone number> so that we can help resolve this issue.
  10. We are very sorry to hear about this and would like the opportunity to investigate the matter We encourage you to send us a private message with your contact information, or reach out to us at <###-###-####> so that we may discuss this issue.
  11. Thank you for bringing this billing matter to our attention. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter further so the situation can be Please contact our staff at <### - ### - ####> at your convenience. Thank you.
  12. Our practice truly values your feedback, and we are sorry to hear about this Please contact our practice manager at <### - ### - ####> so that we may work to make the situation better. Thank you.
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